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My Story

Author In Saint Agnes, Cornwall

Welcome to my page! I hope this inspires you to turn many more of them by reading my book!  

I'm Jan Ford and I abducted my child! 

The reasons why and the far reaching consequences of this act are found inside my book, "The Loving Abductor". 

An ...

Raising Awareness

As you are reading this, mothers throughout the world are being forced to live in a perpetual state of fear, as a tragic consequence of simply striving to protect their children. It is incomprehensible to consider the fact that they are facing the same ...

A Story Without Precedents

Research indicates that this may be the first book of its kind. Written from first-hand experience, it serves to highlight the plight of the many who find themselves in this situation and whose screams for help, deserve to be heard. 

It is time to call ...