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Recommended by 5 people
Recommended by 5 people
Carol Snowball
Omg what can I say I bought this book from you in the chiverton arms. You are such a strong lady I praise you. Xx 
Jun 20, 2023
Linda Healy
A very good read I would definitely recommend this to anybody who may find themselves in the same boat as the writer and know there not a lone and...  Read more
Jan 6, 2023
Viv Ainslie
How can something that starts off as a beautiful love story turn into something out of nightmares? The answer is simple - one half of that love...  Read more
Jan 3, 2023
Jo Smith
Amazing book, read over 2 days and will read again. Very thought provoking Highly recommend and think from reading thisThe Hague convention...  Read more
Nov 29, 2022
Rose Davies
I think Jan has brought her strength out and locked her fear away . A strong woman 
Nov 15, 2022

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