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The Loving Abductor

A dream which turns into a nightmare of unforeseen proportions in this compelling read, whose rawness reveals a series of unthinkable repercussions for a small family who swap their life in Cornwall, for the sun of southern France. 

It soon becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. Malignant shadows filter through the air, menacingly tainting it with an ever darkening sense of foreboding.

In a bid to escape, the consequences are far reaching. Thrown to the lions in an arena where laws fail to protect the victim, the law of survival trumps everything. In that moment, nothing else matters. The focus is on the battle of wits in the attempt to stay one step ahead in order to stay alive

Desperate times, call for desperate measures, and bizarrely, support and encouragement materialise in the form of an ageing pirate and a well-intentioned ghost.

Criminalised and on the run, the dynamics of this motley crew bring a cushioning of humour, successfully punctuating an otherwise intolerable situation. Moments of respite are short-lived, their presence fleeting and temporary. Sinister truths return to haunt the mind, reaching a crescendo with their jarring chorus of uncertainty.

With all to play for, a mother’s unfaltering love is mobilised, unleashed from her arson of artillery, activated, and weaponised against the enemy.

But will it be enough to secure a victory in the fight for her family’s freedom?


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